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[14 Mar 2006|09:35pm]
So today was Pi day. I think math is overrated. It shouldn't be declared the universal language. Music should. Math is just another made up language that makes sense just like English, German, Latin, Japanese etc. Unnecessary things are neeeded to be learned in math. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for math because it developed Einstein into creating his theory of "Special Relativity", it gave Hawking and other astrophysicists their views on the universe and for tha tI am greatful. However, math shouldn't be as superior as it is. Music on the other hand, everyone can relate in music. Well, the general population of course. Math is phony.
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[01 Feb 2006|04:30pm]
The Creation and Origin of the universe has been a very sought-after answer. It seems that one of the biggest theories is that of the Big Bang. Personally, I don't like to take sides to any theory because for all I know, our whole entire solar system and universe could just be one tiny sub-atomic particle inside an enormous being. Some of you may find that to be ridiculous. If this theory is ridiculous, then so is the Big Bang. Who knows why the universe was put here. We don't and probably never will because something bad is likely to happen in which the whole human race is wiped out. Care to add a comment or two, be my guest. I would enjoy it.
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[29 Jan 2006|12:19pm]
Write some topics of interest and I'll make an entry about one of them.
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[16 Jan 2006|02:16pm]
New Topic....

Government. Where would we be without it? Good places? Bad places? Unorganized for sure. But who needs organization? Why not Anarchy? It's tough to say. It's a two-faced organization just like this whole damn world....

On one hand, you've got the organization of nations and international trading which obviously keeps our lives exciting and adventurous and not so dull. They give us welfare for those who need it, protection from hostility(well the supposed "best" they could do), freedom(at least in our country) and a considerable amount more. Sure this is all great and so many people appreciate it even though some do take it for granted, but still, there are many cons to be considered.

The government can be very arrogant sometimes. Understandable. They do what they feel is neccessary to keep the general public in order. They do however, keep a lot of information from the public; such as the possiblity of space aliens. Along with this, the government's deficite spending has risen high in the past which indicates that they could be doing a much better job with their finances and their choice of spending.

I didn't put much thought into this entry so by all means give me your views.
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www.Death/emotions/itseemswewereprogrammedforit.com [08 Jan 2006|05:25pm]

Death: inevitable. Neccessary. For some reason, sad.

Funerals: a ritual to bury the deceased. Traditional. For some reason, sad.

Murder, Rape, Terrorism: For some reason, scary. For some reason sad.

Have you ever wondered why? Why Death is so prominent in our life? I sure do. I wonder why we were programmed in our creation to love, hate, and all of the other emotions. Why when someone that we are socially involved with passes, we release drops of bodily fluids from our eyes. We are upset for days, weeks, months, years loathing for this person. Yet, we forget, that it's neccessary for them to die. To make room for who are entering this pitiful planet. Yet under the illusion, no matter how much we resist, we shed a tear for those lost. And after an allowed time of grieving and loathing, we go right back to our busy lives.
Now, compare yourself to an ant. Both hardworking. Both working to improve and keep your home running sufficiently. When a fellow ant dies, the others don't seem to pay much attention to it, for, it is replaced by another. Very nonchalant. You on the other hand. You must see to it that your loved one is either burned or buried. You pay money to set up a big ceremony in which someone is paid to make up a speech using pieces of history of your childhood moments. Then, you, siblings if you have them and your remaining parent if you have one, weep upon eachother in rememberance of that loved one. I know I have. But I wonder why. Why it happens like that. Why we cry. Why we sulk. I encourage you to do the same. It's frustrating. N omatter how much I want to override my emotions and instincts, I can't.

Why are certain things regarded as disgusting. Like blood and organs leaking out of an open carcass.
Why are certain things regarded as exciting and fun. Like sex or sleep after a long day?
Why are certain things regarded as wrong or stupid? Like suicide or killing someone?

Who knows...

I certainly don't.

No one does.

It's all opinionated.

Just like the world.

No answers.

Just questions.
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[04 Jan 2006|07:05pm]
"Any physical theory is always provisional, in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: You can never prove it."

-Stephen Hawking
"A Briefer History of Time"

If any of you wish to get a better sense of the world as I do, ask me and I will lend you a book by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow in which the quote above is taken from.

When I read that I thought....Wow. That means that gravity isn't even fully proven which of course it isn't.
When you get really technical about it and get into different dimensions and parallel universes. The laws are most definitely wrong. Hell, we could be in some other galaxy and absolutely NOTHING applies there. No Friction, no Gravity maybe even no sound!

The endless possibilites......
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Uncertainty? [03 Jan 2006|05:43pm]
If you think about it, what makes sense really actually doesn't make any sense at all. Words are words because someone developed what we call latin which are roots for other words and all that stuff. Religion is also made up. Someone decided that God needs to exist because no one can control the world besides and unkown higher being. Yet at the same time, someone of another race says that they were there first and that THEIR god was the one to command the galaxy. It all comes down to the fact that what our world goes by is all faulty. All of the physical laws all of anything, religion, names, the system of life.... It's all bullshit. Which in turn, creates an illusion that our lives actually lead to something. But do they really? Do they REALLY in the end lead to something? It's inevitable that the world and eventually the galaxy is going to end.
Why work to have a good life. Why live life at all? When all is due to complete oblivion.
The illusion(as I like to call it) is when a person is born thinking they are meant to do something in life to make a change and clouded by the world of drama and love and all of the other attributes of life. Yes everyone does because everyone is forced to. In our environment in which we are surrounded by, it is impossible to escape it. For some reason, it is said that only in our teenage years do we feel that the world is pointless. But it's because as we grow older, we crave money to pay neccessary bills which in turn clouds our site to see the truth. The truth that all work, all creation is all for nothing. Some say we were here for a purpose. But once we found that purpose....what then? Nothing.
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[02 Jan 2006|08:28pm]
This Livejournal is merely to express my ideas and thoughts to those who are interested and take the time to read this.

More entries soon.
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